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Ascending to Jerusalem

Regaling her captive audience with exciting tales of singing King David’s Songs of Ascent as she marched up the steps toward Jerusalem, Kathy Russell encourages the choir members to sing with their whole hearts. Music is a tool to tilt the hearts of the hearers upward. Music is also a gift and the great equalizer of mankind. Young and young at heart, men and women, people of different ethnicities — all come together to enjoy and express themselves through music. Cheerful and vibrant, Russell has led the Camp Meeting choir for more than 10 years.

Students from Fletcher Academy accompany the choir on bells. The sound of bells and voices blends harmoniously. Then Russell asks them to pause. She tells them to focus on being a team, no matter how different they might seem. One day they will sing in the heavenly choir, and this is preparation. They start again. Eyes close as the music swells. The pianist starts the next song, and Russell gently prepares everyone for the worship service. Everyone has an instrument. Everyone has a song. She smiles as she reminds them of whom and to whom they sing.

—Casey Vaughn

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