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Driving for Jesus

You may have seen a funky-looking car driving around Lake Junaluska this week. Did you know that it is a vehicle for Jesus? John Earnhardt built that tricycle in 2005. It is 14 feet long; has a 305 Chevy engine, a Ford radiator, a Harley Davidson front end, and an S-10 rear end; can go up to 160 miles per hour; and it’s street legal and a great way to witness to others!

Just as you’ve noticed this tricycle tooling around Camp Meeting, it gets attention everywhere it goes. Even kids at gas stations are drawn to it, which gives Earnhardt opportunities to share Jesus with the children and their parents. Earnhardt keeps a cooler between the seats filled with ministry books to share as people talk to him about the tricycle. He finds that once the conversation is started, he can easily find a way to share the gospel. Maybe you aren’t into building custom tricycles, but could you find a conversation starter to be your “vehicle” for Jesus?

—Jessica Pieretti

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