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Watch Out for Feathers and Fur

At Lake Junaluska, where meetings are grand,

Be cautious and careful, take heed of the land.

For critters abound on this beautiful ground,

And running them over? That wouldn't be sound!

The bunnies hop merrily, with twitchy, pink noses,

They nibble on clover and pose for sweet poses.

But as you drive by, don't give them a scare,

Slow down, dear friend, and show them you care.

Chipmunks with stripes, oh so tiny and quick,

They dart through the grass, performing a trick.

With cheeks full of acorns, they scurry and dash,

Avoiding your tires with a mad little flash.

Quack, quack, say the ducks, waddling in line,

A parade on the road, oh so divine.

With feathers so glossy and webbed feet so neat,

They cross to the lake, a waddling fleet.

Geese honk and they hiss, quite a noisy brigade,

Their waddles more wobbly than ducks ever made.

In long, lazy lines, they march to the shore,

So watch out for them, lest they give you what-for!

Squirrels up above, and squirrels down below,

They scamper and scramble, putting on a good show.

With bushy, bold tails, they leap tree to tree,

Keeping an eye out for what they can see.

So campers and drivers, please do take note,

Watch out for the critters, both furry and float.

At Lake Junaluska, let's all co-exist,

With care and with kindness, not one will be missed.

Let's drive slow and steady, let's be kind and cool,

Avoiding our friends, as a golden rule.

For bunnies and chipmunks, ducks, geese, and squirrels,

Are part of the magic in this camp meeting world!

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