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A Great Beginning: What It Means to Run with Jesus

Andy Nash, an Adventist author, pastor, and professor at Southern Adventist University, began his sermon series this week by explaining what it means to “run with Jesus.” This can be a difficult task because, as he explained, humanity was separated from God by sin. Due to this separation, “the Word became flesh and dwelt among us” (Jn 1:14). With his rich, personal knowledge of Israel, Nash painted a picture to help better understand the context of biblical narratives located in Nazareth, the

Jordan River, and Cana during the start of Jesus’ ministry in 27 A.D.

The town of Nazareth was originally founded by a group of Jews who named it “Naserat,” meaning “branch” or “sprout.” According to the historical data of that time, Jesus was not only a carpenter but also a stonemason. Dr. Nash briefly explained how Jesus grew up with four brothers and two sisters,

living the life of a common laborer until He turned 30. At this age, Jewish men were expected to attempt to become rabbis or teachers. True to custom, Jesus went to the Jordan River to be baptized by John the Baptist. Sixty miles from Jericho and close to the site where Elijah was taken into Heaven on a fiery chariot, Jesus was baptized.

After fasting for 40 days in the wilderness, Jesus found some fishermen whom He had probably already known during His 30 years as a laborer. Despite their differing personalities, Jesus called them to follow Him. The group’s first stop was at a wedding in Cana. The wedding soon ran out of

wine, but Jesus changed that by turning 180 gallons of water into the “freshest grape juice any wedding had ever known, save for the first wedding in the Garden.”

Dr. Nash concluded by showing how Jesus can provide anything one could wish for, such as nets bursting with fish or 180 gallons of wine. But what He ultimately wants to give us is a relationship

with Him. The Word became flesh to dwell with the human race, to unite His children with God. Join Dr. Nash tomorrow evening at 6:30 pm in Stuart Auditorium as he continues the journey through Jerusalem and Samaria.


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