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Qualification and Responsibilities

For All Staff


Qualifications for all staff positions:

1.     Be a practicing Christian with the ability to share the gospel of Jesus with children.

2.     Most positions require a minimum of 18 years of age, limited opportunities for 16 & 17 are available (The only exception are 14 & 15 year old staff children).

3.     Good health, vitality and lots of energy. 

4.     A positive work attitude: ability to work well with people, be dependable and punctual, fulfill responsibilities, and take direction and advice.

5.     Ability to relate well with children. 

6.     Ability to share the gospel of Jesus with children. 


Responsibilities for all staff positions:

1.     Understand, accept and follow the spiritual goals and objectives of Nosoca and the Seventh-day Adventist Church. 

2.     Be punctual and participate in all staff meetings. 

3.     Develop skills and attitudes enabling you to do the best job possible. 

4.     Assist other staff in any way possible to develop a team concept and spirit of cooperation.

5.     Communicate with your peers and superiors on any question or point of concern. 

6.     Participate with your talents and presence, in a variety of camp programs such as: campfire programs, skits, outposts, Sabbath programs and camp music. 

7.     A desire to show the JOY, EXCITEMENT, and FUN, a life with CHRIST brings!

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