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Classes & Activities


Acro: Whatever your skill level, you will look great in the week-end ACRO show!


Aerospace: (Archery, Model Rockets, and Frisbee Golf) from old to new, this class will let you take flight in three great ways.


Crafts: One of Nosoca’s most popular classes. Always has been, always will be.


Christian Drama/Signing: Christian Drama/Signing lets you develop your performance skills and you get to share them by participating during the weekend program!


Team Sports: (Group games and team sports) you get basketball, volleyball, football, dodge ball, softball, soccer, kickball; it’s all sports, all the time (See our Basketball and Sports Camp under Specialty Camps section for more options).


Climbing Wall: Learn all the skills you will need to safely traverse our huge climbing wall!


Horsemanship: Nothing has stayed more popular or fills up faster than horsemanship class. But don’t worry; everyone is scheduled to ride during your activity time. (See our Horsemanship Camps and Adventure Horseback Camping Trip in the Specialty Camp section for more options).


Photography Class: Learn the secrets to capturing the moment like a pro.


Mountain Biking: Bring your own bike or use ours as you discover the trails put in exclusively for Mountain Biking and our ever-developing Mountain Bike Park!


Mountain Boarding/Skate Park: Mountain Boarding is a cross between skateboarding and snowboarding! We have continued to expand our skate park, from the pipe to all our other elements, to the new Mountain Board Hill, we have everything you need to make this extreme sport fun and safe. (See our Wheels Camp under Specialty Camp section for more options)


Swimming: Better than the old swimming hole, our beautiful pool facilitates beginners through advanced classes planned with you in mind.

Water Sports: Skiing, wakeboarding, kneeboarding, and tubing: Water Sports has it all! (See Water Sports Camp in the Specialty Camps section for more options.)


Wilderness Survival: The ultimate in old school Wilderness Survival takes you back to the skills of our ancestors. This class includes an overnight camping trip.


Junior Campers get to sign up for two classes. 


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