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Traditional Camps

Adventure Camp           

Customized for beginning campers ages 7-11 years od. This is an introductory camp which allows the campers to do all their activities with their cabin family and their counselor throughout the day all week long.


Junior Camp                  

Designed for 10-13 year olds, Junior campers are ready to get more involved in a specific class. Each morning they attend the same two classes of their choice. Then during the afternoon hours they rotate through all our activities with their cabin family.


Teen Camp                     

Reserved for the 13-16 age group, Teen camp is designed to let the camper customize their own day, using our activity list. Campers sign up daily so they can arrange their time with friends and what activity they feel like doing that day. Teen camp has a kick-back style, starting each day with a little more sleep-in time and

programs running later into the evening. Add to this our Special Feature each day and our Teen Banquet. Teen Camp puts the

choices in your hands.


A camper must have turned the age listed for each camp by September 1, 2024, in order to attend that camp.

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