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Extra Camps

S.I.T. (Staff In Training):  Ages 16–17

(must be 16 when SIT camp starts)

This Camp is designed to teach you what it takes to be a summer camp staff, as well as how to get hired, stay hired, and advance in any job. Spend most of two weeks at The Ranch learning valuable skills as well as experiencing all fun we have to offer, for the price of one. You will be evaluated as any staff applicant. At the end of the two weeks we hire some S.I.T. graduates to fill staff needs, but please understand, taking this class will not guarantee you will be offered a job.



Come join this class and become American Red Cross certified.  You must be at least 15, and the prerequisites are as follows: 


• Age 15 and older

• Swim 300 yards continually

• Retrieve a 10 lb object

• Surface Dive in 7-10 ft of water

• Tread water 2 min using legs only

• Use the Crawl Stroke and Breast Stroke

• Exit the pool without the use of the ladder

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