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Responsible to:

Summer Camp Director

About the Role

1. Assist Summer Camp Director with pre-camp orientation and training.
2. Serve as primary manager of ACA criteria.
3. Assist Curriculum Director with implementing ACA criteria for Activity Staff.
5. Assist Assistant Summer Camp Director in implementing daily job assignments.
6. Direct /coordinate special projects assigned by Summer Camp Director or Assistant Summer Camp Director.
7. Be reasonable for seeing that our overnight cabin camp outs are properly facilitated.
8. Ensure with written documentation that all activities are running according to ACA standards and their lesson plan.
9. Asst in ensuring attendance records are being taken at the beginning of each class period.
10. Asst in ensuring that all day trip forms have been properly filled out prior to groups


1.    Be a responsible, mature person with leadership capabilities.


2.    Previous camp experience.


3.    Understanding of camp objectives and philosophy of soul-winning.


4.    Ability to guide, direct and supervise the camp staff and campers and relate positively in interpersonal relationships.

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