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Responsible to:

Aquatics Director/Curriculum Director

About the Role

1. Outline Lesson Plan to teach waterfront classes that meet Nosocas ministry and safety guidelines as well as ACA standards. Present Lesson Plan to Aquatics Director for review during staff week.
2. Supervise all ski beach activities with strict safety guidelines.
3. Maintain and secure all equipment in good/safe working order.
4. Take inventory of all equipment at the beginning and end of summer.
5. Serve as lifeguard and special aquatics activities when directed.


1.     Basic knowledge of water safety rules and skills.


2.     Hold a current Red Cross Lifeguard Certificate, Lifeguard Instructors Certificate and/or Water Safety Instructor Certificate.


3.     Extensive knowledge of boating safety rules and skills including SCDNR Boating License.


4.     Ability to oversee ski beach activities.


5.     Ability to patiently communicate and demonstrate skills.

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