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Responsible to:

Summer Camp Director

About the Role

1. See that ACA requirements are met, conduct an In-Service check for all lifeguards, and see that the Skill Verification is checked.
2. Initiate strict safety guidelines for all aquatics activities.
3. Maintain all equipment in good /safe working order.
4. Keep records of attainment for all students.
5. Plan and supervise all aquatic emergency procedures and drills.
6. See that aquatics areas are in clean, neat and orderly appearance.
7. Coordinate with the Program Director/Pool Director for any special swimming activities.
8. Coordinate with the Assistant Director days off for aquatics staff.
9. Inventory all equipment at beginning and end of summer.
10. See that a daily cleaning duty / schedule is worked out for each day.


1.    Advanced knowledge of water safety and instruction skills.


2.    Previous swimming instructors experience, including life guarding and swimming skills instruction.


3.    Familiarity with Adventist Youth Honors and Red Cross Progressive levels of swimming instruction.


4.    Hold current Red Cross Lifeguard Certificate, and/or Water Safety Instructor Certificate.


5.    Working knowledge of ACA standards and Nosoca safety guidelines.


6.    Ability to manage people, organize a safe and effective swimming, and canoeing program, and relate positively in interpersonal relationships.

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