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Responsible to:

Summer Camp Director

About the Role

1. Assist Summer Camp Director with pre-camp organization and training.
2. Assist Programs Director in the coordination of, camp counsels, campfires, special programming, week-end programming, rainy day activities, Christian drama classes in weekend programming, and special activity planning.
3. Assist in coordination of days off with Assistant Summer Camp Director, Administrative Assistant, Boys and Girls Directors, to avoid conflict with program responsibilities.
4. Assist in giving direction and support to Camp Pastor, audio-visual, and video.
5. Direct/coordinate special projects as assigned by the Summer Camp Director.


1.    Be a responsible, mature person with leadership capabilities.


2.    Have previous camp experience.


3.    Understanding of camp objectives and philosophy of soul-winning


4.    Ability to manage people, organize and relate positively in interpersonal relationships.

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