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Responsible to:

Program Director

About the Role

1. Assist program director with technical planning of programs as requested.
2. Assist with technical operations of all summer camp programming.
3. Ensure audio-visual equipment is set up, working and that proper technical instruction and preparation has occurred well before start of program.
4. Ensure audio-visual equipment is secured in a safe and neat manner after each use.
5. Teach proper use of equipment to staff as needed.
6. Help where ever needed as directed by administrative personnel.
7. Be available, helpful and active at camp council and evening programs.
8. Complete daily cleaning duty by assigned time each day.


1.    Responsible person with previous audio-visual experience.


2.    Ability to work under guidelines set up by year-round audio-visual ranger.


3.    Able to set up, organize and provide audio-visual support so programs run smoothly.

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