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Responsible to:

Summer Camp Director

About the Role

1. Serve as primary manager of boys counseling staff including written documentation of weekly counselor observation and review system.
2. Assist Summer Camp Director with pre-camp orientation and training.
3. Make cabin assignments for boy’s counselors and campers.
4. Coordinate boy’s counselor meetings.
5. Arrange boy’s counselor days off and relief counselors with Assistant Summer Camp Director.
6. Require boys counselor’s knowledge of camper’s whereabouts at all times.
7. Serve as advisor to Summer Camp Director in total camp program.
8. Advise boy’s counselors on campers discipline situations.
9. Schedule boys cabin outposts, and overnight trips with the Special Services Director
10. Coordinate Boys Division line calls, flag lowering and work duties.
11. Do daily cabin inspections and keep records for daily and weekly boys honor cabins.
12. See that daily schedule is followed.
13. Prepare an alphabetized list of boy campers by cabins before bedtime on Sunday evenings.
14. Direct/coordinate special projects as assigned by the Summer Camp Director.


1.    Be a responsible, mature person with leadership capabilities.


2.    Have previous camp experience.


3.    Knowledge of counseling techniques and responsibilities.


4.    Ability to guide, direct and supervise boy counselors and campers and relate  positively in               interpersonal relationships.

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