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Responsible to:

Summer Camp Director

About the Role

1. Run a camp clinic in accordance with ACA standards.
2. At Sunday registration collect and complete health records, receive prescription medications, and screen applicants for sickness and lice.
3. Distribute prescription medications; log all medications given and all visits to the camp clinic.
4. Coordinate with the camp director the scheduling of camp nurses and camp clinic hours.
5. Assist in transport of injured camper or staff to hospital/doctor. Provide proper insurance information to hospital, doctor=s office, Risk Management and Summer Camp Director.
6. Coordinate filing/record procedures of all medical insurance forms, staff health forms, etc.
7. Coordinate cleaning of camp clinic, make up first aid kits for camp departments and check these supplies at regular intervals.
8. Make presentations during staff orientation sessions on such subjects as accident prevention, nutrition, health and safety, emergency and first aid procedures, signs of illness, communicable disease, and general camp health guidelines.
9. Oversee the general heath of the campers and staff. Instruct camp nurses on completing camper and staff accident, sickness, and Workmen’s Compensation forms.
10. Be responsible for collecting, holding and allocating all medical treatments, information and medications from campers and staff, according to ACA standards.


1.    Be a responsible, mature person with leadership capabilities.


2.    Have previous camp experience.


3.    Hold a current South Carolina Registered Nursing License.


4.     Have a strong working knowledge of ACA standards.


5.  Ability to manage people, organize effective camp clinic, and relate positively in interpersonal relationships.

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