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Responsible to:

Nursing Director/Summer Camp Director

About the Role

1. Assist Medical Director with Sunday registration.
2. Distribute prescription medications; log all medications given and all visits to the camp clinic.
3. Check with departments that have first aid kits to see that they are properly supplied.
4. Provide input for emergency procedures for all activity areas.
5. Maintain specific nursing station hours and be on call as outlined by the Medical Director
6. Assist in transport of injured camper or staff to hospital/doctor. Provide proper insurance information to hospital, doctor’s office, Risk Management and Summer Camp Director.
7. Assist medical director in completing accident reports and in notifying parents of injuries.
8. Promote and practice preventive medicine and safety measures.
9. Assist in supplying copies of camper Health Records and Medical Release Forms to all camp group activity leaders.
10. Participate in general camp program when called upon.


1.    Be a responsible, mature person.


2.    Hold a current South Carolina nursing license.


3.    Ability to respond quickly and responsibly under pressure and in emergency situations.


4.    Previous summer camp experience encouraged    

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