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Responsible to:

Summer Camp Director

About the Role

1. Plan and manage SIT Camp in coordination with Summer Camp Director and camp schedule including seminars, work assignments, special features and programming sessions.
2. Plan and coordinate Specialty Camps programming including, morning and evening worships, special features, worships and recreation.
3. Provide support for Specialty Camp Leaders as needed, insuring the logistics of the of the Specialty Camps needs are planed and coordinated. Include transportation, activity times, and coordinating the use of camp facilities.
4. Ensure that the Medical Director is provided with specialty camper lists the day before they leave on day-trips and ensure all day-trips forms and procedures have been properly implemented prior to trips departure.
5. Ensure evaluations of SIT campers are filled out by all department heads.
6. Assist Assistant Summer Camp Director in coordinating and implementing daily job assignments involving SIT campers.
7. Direct/coordinate special projects as assigned by the Summer Camp Director.


1.          Be a responsible, mature person with leadership capabilities.


2.          Previous summer camp experience.


3.          Understanding of camp objectives and philosophy of soul-winning.


4.          Ability to guide, direct, supervises and relate positively in interpersonal relationships.

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