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Responsible to:

Carolina Conference Administration

About the Role

1. Administration of the entire summer camp program, staff and campers including safety of all campers and summer camp staff.
2. Recruit, interview, check references, hire and evaluate all summer camp employees.
3. Prepare summer camp brochure, printed and audio/visual materials for recruitment of staff and campers, distributing these materials where appropriate.
4. Conduct staff training with strong emphasis on spiritual goals, ACA standards, Risk Management, camp safety and security.
5. Provide encouragement, training, guidance, and support for camp administrative team specifically and all staff and campers in general.
6. Participate with Conference Treasure in preparation of camp budget, and manage the camp with financial integrity within the approved current annual fiscal budget.
7. Ensure adequate inventory of all camp supplies to open camp on schedule.
8. Participate in scheduling summer camp dates
9. Abide and uphold all standards of the Carolina Conference of SDA and Nosoca Pines Ranch.


  1. A member in the Seventh-day Adventist Church in good and regular standing, with a commitment to Jesus Christ and a strong desire to serve in a soul winning atmosphere, including a  though knowledge of Adventist youth and camp ministries objectives.

  2. Ability to effectively communicate the gospel of Jesus Christ in an age-appropriate way.

  3. Have a working knowledge of Carolina Conference of SDA, Risk Management, ACA, and Nosoca Pines Ranch policies.

  4. Ability to organize, guide, direct, and supervise the summer camp program, staff, campers, and relate positively in interpersonal relationships

  5. At least 25 years old, with at least 3 years administrative summer camp experience and have attended yearly seminars or workshops that address accepted camp management practices.

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