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Responsible to:

Summer Camp Director

About the Role

1. Ensure that the summer camp office is run in professional and friendly manner.
2. Demand that the camp office is kept clean and free of other people’s belongings.
5. Ensure all materials are ready for Sunday registration.
6. Keep files on activities, campers, and personnel, as requested by Summer Camp Director.
7. Assist Summer Camp Director and administrative staff with administrative duties.
8. Direct/coordinate special projects as assigned by the Summer Camp Director.
9. Ensure that the Medical Director is provided with camper lists the day before they leave on day trips and ensure all day-trips forms and procedures have been properly implemented prior to the group’s departure.
10. See that the phone is covered by staff throughout the day. Understand how the phone works in transferring calls and that it is answered in a friendly helpful manner at all times.


1.    Be a responsible, mature person with strong organizational skills.


2.    Ability to direct and relate positively in interpersonal relationships.


3.    Understanding of camp objectives and philosophy of soul-winning.


4.    Strong organizational skills, with an ability to be handle diverse tasks and see them through

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